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Welcome To
village was conceived to provide a distinctive architecture that is sympathetic to the landscape and the history, with houses typically being a blend of Moorish grandeur and vernacular Spanish cortijo.

The village lies alongside a large area of natural park with majestic rock crags soaring to 900m. As the sun goes down each day, the colours of the mountainscape are enriched to give a deep green to the vegetation and an amazing orange-brown glow on the rocks and soil. Only a few miles from "civilisation", these mountains are still home to wild boar, eagles and many other species.

Most of the residents and owners are foreign, the majority being British, with a good smattering of other nationalities. Although Spanish owners are few and far between, there are many Spanish visitors to Cabrera. Many holidaymakers from the big Spanish cities come up to see the village and enjoy the views, visitors and locals alike come to eat at the restaurants or have a drink and a snack in the bar, and wedding parties come to take their wedding photos near the arch in the centre of the village. It is this arch that has become the iconic symbol of Cabrera.

This website is run by Margaret Arnup (resident of Cabrera) & Jonathan Bloomer.  It is a non-profiting website run purely for the residents of Cabrera and visitors alike.  Hope you like it!  Any suggestions please email to:
Welcome to the home page of the village of Cabrera, a small community of moorish-style houses scattered across the flank of the Sierra Cabrera mountains in the Almeria province of Spain. This website exists equally for those who have a house in Cabrera, or those who are just visiting.

Cabrera owners will probably want to move on to other parts of the site where we have information, discussion and opinion that is especially for them. For those who don't know Cabrera yet, let us introduce you.

The village of Cabrera lies 300m up on the edge of the Sierra Cabrera and about 10 km in from the coast near Mojacar. This highly privileged position gives us stupendous views, the best climate in Spain, clear air, and wonderful sunsets. The modern
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